Leafy liverwort

Every step leads us to more treasures!

A lot of grasses and leaves were pulled in for this nest. Of course, we did not see anyone at home.

Beautiful snail shell!

Don’t you love how the tree decided to grow onto the rock? Just wanted to lean on someone 😉

More flowing mosses!

I can not get enough of the nodules on the rocks. In this case, they were large and the moss had found a home amongst the nodules!

Another collection for Jeanne! This time not a moss.

It was a leafy liverwort! Another collection for Jeanne!

Here is one of the ledges we investigated. In tomorrow’s post I will show you what we found under this one!

Carol Clark writes another good one! Botany Nerd Learns Botany Word

Life in the soil was thought to be silent. What if it isn’t?

There’s A New Sound (The Sound Of Worms) – 1953

The Muppet Show – There’s a New Sound

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. I think every day instead of learning more i learn how little i do know. Not really surprised about sounds underground but guess theyre lots more than i dreamed. Loved the muppets. And love your nodules too.

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