Under the ledges

As we work our way nearer to the grotto, we were drawn towards the ledges. So we have to go up, but only to the undersides of the ledges.

Climbing the sides, I spotted what was a rock or was it a bone?

It turned out to be a bone. You never know, eh LOL.

The ledge provides many hide-y holes for homes!

Vein shaped concretions under a ledge.

A nest of small stalactites!

A closer view!

Concretion type rocks covered with algae and dirt. These were fairly large.

Looking back under the ledge, more stalactites! This is awesome place! More tomorrow!

These Super Rare Butterflies Thrive on Army Bases. The U.S. Military is Helping Them.

These Teeny, Tiny Turtle Hatchlings Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Baby turtles are precious. Hatchling box turtles are mighty tiny too but maybe not quite that small. Susan knows how small they are. Couldnt read butterfly article because im not a member or whatever. That grotto has got to be the best.

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