It was a very nice outing, make no bones about it LOL. Bones, mosses, lichens, native grasses were among the treasures we found.

The large beetle tunnel looks like the topography of our ravine.

What do you say? I think the pinkish fungus looks like a seal.

Broomsedge Bluestem!

Fringed Turkeytail shelf fungus. Weather worn or critter? I do not know.

The tree’s bark had an interesting pattern on the right.

Our last gully of the day.

Mosses and lichens covers this edge of the bank!

Some of the mosses were climbing the Greenbriar!

The moss’ white teeth on its capsules shone brightly. It is a Thelia species.

Wonderful time of year to admire the Splitbeard Bluestem and other native grasses!

Final deer! An eight point buck had shed one of its antlers. Jeanne said she never finds both in the same spot. They only shed one at a time. So we found on this outing, three deer parts; a doe skull, a buck skull and this antler. Plus a raccoon skull and some rib bones (no photo) which is a lot bones for one outing.

On the underside, I found a Praying Mantis ootheca (egg case).

Attachment point. It looks a bit like a White Compass Plant flower ;-).

Finally, as we were leaving, near the cars, we found this Cymopterus blooming! Not many were even up, maybe due to the lack of rain? Cheers until the next treasure hunt!

The Ill-Fated Expedition of a 19th-Century Scientist to Explore the California Wilderness

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. I see the seal with an angel fish close behind. The green shelf fungus is beautiful. I think dried grasses are prettier than when green. And yes, white compass plant flower. I thought that the moment i saw it before reading your take on it. What fun.

    1. I totally agree with you on the late fall and winter grasses. Nothing is more beautiful than a field of native grasses waving in the light and wind. And I can see the fish too. Watch out fish the seal might be hungry LOL

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