What do you see?

Can humans ever stop seeing familiar forms in totally unrelated objects (known as pareidolia)? I don’t think so, it is too fun. I wonder if other creatures do the same as we do?

I interpreted this to be a cat.

Another! The left horn seemed be part of the tree. The right horn was just a branch that happened to fall there.

A lichen covered rock that to me was shaped like a bird skull!

The lichens were great too!

Would Threeawn count? I think it is a poor imitation of a bottlebrush. Stretching it, eh.

Can you see what I see? No, not just grass and dirt. Think Lion King, the wart hog.

How about this angle? Do you see it with its hairy nose, tuft of hair above its eyes, and a wide open mouth?

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Love your critters and all were easy to see except the warthog was stretching it a bit. Tho i did see it. Bird rock was my favorite. Lichens may have helped that.

  2. I wasn’t seeing the warthog either – glad you explained it. The first photo (cat) also looks like a bat head to me.

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