Silent bell

Yesterday, I left you wedged against my foot. And still we had not moved far from where we had first clambered down into the ravine/creek. So much to observe!

Here is what we were after. Moss that was sprinkled with sand from above. The species has yet to be determined. However, I am certain it will be ID’d by Jeanne.

Next, a piece of the bank succumbed to gravity, landing at the bottom. On the left the black algae mixes in with the grasses, liverworts and mosses.

The bottom half layer of the bank was weeping. It was such a stark delineation of the two layers.

A leaf hung by a spider web on the wet surface!

Algae highlighted a long worm like pattern!

A rock with a sponge like surface! It did not fit with the other rocks. At times like this, a geologist would be nice to have along.

Spider webs and leaves hung under the ledge. Did some creature decide to dig a hole in the weeping earth? I am not certain if it was or perhaps erosion.

Another view!

Finally a close up of what we called a bell! We checked but there was not a clapper. As the bell rings in silence LOL, I will end today’s post here.

Neanderthals Changed Ecosystems 125,000 Years Ago – Were Not “Primal Hippies”

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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