One hour, one area

So I said yesterday, we spent an hour in just a relatively small area of the creek. Here is more from that hour or so.

The liverwort that we had found in the creek above was so so plentiful down in this area!

A wall of it. We wondered to ourselves, have we been overlooking it before? Had we just thought it was more moss previously. However, it could be possible that this is just a unique place for it to thrive. Well, we do not know, but it was an exciting find! And you can bet we will be on alert for more of it in other places.

Here is a close view of the liverwort. We (meaning Jeanne) now has ID’d as a Fossombronia species. I will do a whole post about in it detail in another post.

So cute are its tiny capsules! The seta ranges up to five or six millimeters high.

Here a lone Purple Cliff Brake fern that grew among the Fossombronia!

Some of the soil was sliding down the bank!

A colorful rock! At least I always enjoy seeing the many shades of browns!

The holes in bank seem to be watching us!

Something catches Jeanne’s eye! Of course, it calls for a closer look at the moss.

It was steep and slippery in the loose dirt.

I provided a wedge! And this is where I will leave you hanging in today’s post.

Engineers Have Created a Gecko-Inspired Hand That Can Hold an Egg

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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