Yesterday, I stopped the post as we reached the creek. Here is the last of the photos from this outing.

These sandstone nodules jutted out along the bank!

A close view of one! So cool!

More sandstone!

Up the creek had larger pools of water.

The water had cut into the bank!

Along the bank, we spotted a liverwort. It was something new for us! The liverwort will get its own post to follow sometime or another.

It was time to climb out of the ravine. A charred tree was already providing a new home for yellow lichens and was the next interesting observation. I estimated that it had been three years at least since the last prescribed burn here.

Awesome burls!

We found an owl face LOL!

This photo was taken by Kate a few weeks ago at the Three Sisters farm. It seems to be a theme, faces in trees LOL. Thanks Kate!

Are you familiar with these berries? Don’t touch…poison ivy!

Michael had a mission. He said he was hungry.

He was not tall enough to reach the juniper berries. The Eastern Red Cedar berries are edible, but it is not advisable to eat many. And Michael did know that. So what to do to get his snack?

Ready set JUMP!

A tool was needed so a stick was called to duty. Michael got his berries!

The Quirky History of the Osage Orange, Texas’s Ugliest Fruit

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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