A tail

After we had come back up to the cars, we headed further down the road. Michael had not been to this next part before. I was sure he would enjoy it. Ok, any place on the grasslands is enjoyable LOL.

The tail was spotted!

Next, an inside view!

A grasshopper took a break on the deceased armadillo.

Caps on a Post Oak!

Galls were crowded on the back of a Post Oak leaf!

Provertyweed was bright green!

At this point, we reached the destination I was showing off. Of course, you can guess it was ravine with water LOL! This is a Cladonia species of a lichen. Always an easy place to look for this species are at the edges of ditches and ravines.

The Purple-fringed Liverwort can often be right along side of the lichens!

Don’t forget to look for the mosses as well in this type of habitat!

A close up of a leaf of the Fissidens moss above!

The creek! And tomorrow I will continue the tale/tail!

Newfound millipede breaks world record for the most legs

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


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