Last of the December 02 outing

So it was another grand outing! Colors, critters, plants, fungi, and scenery can not be beat at the grasslands!

Cudweed had red aphids!

A half sized Salt Marsh Moth caterpillar was found on Coralberry. They are generalist feeders and so are found on many plants.

Prairie Verbena still sneaking in some bloom time!
A Smilax species. It had tons of spines!

A Nochid moth blends in nicely!

While I was photographing, the above moth, this shiny fly landed next to me.

Short stump!

Twin holes at the base makes for a nice shelter!

Interesting fungi colors. Two different fungi?

Festive Carolina Buckthorn leaves!

A bagworm hangs off the cedar branch like an ornament. You can see part of the insect’s remains at the bottom. Also seems a bit strange that it did not use cedar to make the bag.

This bent old tree seems to be pointing us towards our cars.

A powerful and underappreciated ally in the climate crisis? Fungi …Thanks Alan for sharing this article!

Migratory Birds Have Lighter-Colored Feathers – Here’s the Evolutionary Explanation

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know.


  1. Youre the fungi expert so you have to tell us if thats one or two fungi. Ive seen bagworms do that before and wondered why. Interesting. Thanks

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