Before dawn…

I left the house before dawn, but I did not start the exploring until the sun had been up for a half hour. It was pretty nice at the grasslands this morning. A breeze would have been welcome. But none was too be had ’til we got a slight breeze on the way back to the vehicle. We mostly stayed in woods today. A wide variety of flora and fauna was seen. It was a great day and I will share our finds over several posts.

Little Cottonwood Lake had a bit of mist hovering near the surface. The lake was still and the adventure began!

A grape leaf had these galls clustered on the vine and petiole. It was hard to see exactly which.

The beaver had been busy very recently. It was elm tree which surprised us! Willows and cedars are usually more the standard fare.

This beaver was gnawing a Hackberry too. I guess it did what it had to do.

It had striped the bark on this fallen branch. We were hoping to come across a beaver dam.

A frog hopped along the water’s edge.

It would be interesting to know what had burrowed in the soft sand.

The algae looked like it had been dry at sometime with the way it was in a sheet under the water.

Keep looking!


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