Sweet sixteen…

Today’s post will conclude Thursday, July 1st outing. We found four different ferns, bugs, fungi, and plants on that day. Always wonderful to get out on the grasslands. The holiday is over and it is back to work. Oh wait, every day is a work day and/or a day off for those of us retired. 😉

Wood’s ear fungus! It was little shelters for the fairies!

I wondered if this was not a Chlorociboria species of fungus. My book says that greenish fungus cups do not last long and the stain is all that one usually sees. Some day I will find them!

This conch fungus was huge!

Purple Cliff-brake ferns!

Common Woodsia!

Ebony Spleenwort! That makes four different species of ferns seen that day!

Critters were living in the slime mold!

Eventually, we had to go back up the hill into the open. This is Basal St Andrew’s-Cross (Hypericum hypericoides ssp multicaule).

Meadow Pinks and Frogfruit (Phyla nodiflora)!

White Meadow Pinks!

Lots of fluffy was coming off the willows by a pond!

Snoutbean (Rhynchosia latifolia) favors sandy loam soils.

Spiderwort still going!

And this was a new plant for me, the Lopseed (Phryma leptostachya)! What a name! After the flowers bloom, they drop down along the stem.

It was very pretty! Not sure why I noticed it. I think the drop down part caught my eye. Most of the records for this plant is in the east and the Midwest. I counted only 15 collections made in Texas. So this will be sweet sixteen!

‘They were destined to drown’: How scientists found these seabirds a new island home

Keep looking!


  1. I read somewhere yrs ago that if spiderwort turns pink theres radiation in the air. Wonder if its true. .

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