Along the creek…

We made it down to the creek. It was a pretty creek, but not a creek where you could easily walk along the water’s edge. We only went down to the actual creek one time. But that ended up being a good thing because we found several cool plants up above. It seems we got good karma!

Near the creek we spotted several of the Ebony Jewelwings. This one is a female which you can tell by the white spot on the wing.

On the side that was on the ground, Jeanne found these white larvae on the horseapple.

I had hoped there would be mushrooms popping up, but there were not that many.

Green pokeberries!

All that was left of something’s cocoon in a rotten snag.

Daddy longlegs resting!

View of the creek!

It was exciting to find the Green Dragon plant (Arisaema dracontium). It normally blooms in late April to May.

The Anglepod (Gonolobus suberousus) was not yet blooming.

This is only the second population of Southern Shield fern (Thelypteris kunthii) on the grasslands that I have found!

Ok, that is enough today from July 1st outing. I will conclude the outing tomorrow which will include a new plant for me.

Keep looking!


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