Cool Beetle

A few years ago while out surveying on the grasslands, I came across this cool beetle. I thought it was a moth, but Suzanne who was with me, knew that it was a beetle. It does not look like the typical beetle. There are always new things to learn!

This is what I saw this morning on the ironweed and then I decided to catch it so I could get a better look.

Reticulated Net-winged Beetle (Calopteron reticulatum) is pretty cool! The elytra (the hardened forewings) looks different than the typical shiny hard elytra. It was quite cooperative and was released after its photo shoot.

Close up of the head!

This unknown insect exuvia was on the ironweed too.

Closer view. I did not have trouble catching it. LOL

Jim spotted this bundle of feathers caught on the barbwire. Maybe the bird hit it and kept going. Hope it was ok.

Close view!

Also caught on the fence. Looks like hairs from a cow’s tail.

And then there was this shelf fungus which had this hairy fungus or maybe slime mold growing over it.

First rat snake I have seen this year.

Crab spider caught itself a meal on horsemint!


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Keep looking!


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