A few beetles

We had company today! My nephews were here and we had a grand time. We looked at bugs, fossils (Devil’s Toenails), and snake vertebras. Of course they took some home. Well, not the bugs.

Three different beetles in the Buffalo Gourd flower this morning!

I liked this Brown-eyed Susan just starting to open!

The Long-horned Flower Beetle (Typocerus sinuatus) had lots of pollen.

Nestlings were peeking out all day! I was glad they didn’t fledge so that I could show my nephews.
A peek into the nestbox!

We also found these reptile eggs. They were about pea sized. I heard something dash away but didn’t see it. They are not Texas Spiny Lizard’s eggs because they (the Spiny) are round like a pea.

Keep looking!


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