Barn Swallows

This morning one of the babies was on the concrete under the casaport. I watched the parents pay close attention to it and its siblings.

Two had stayed behind..

I wondered if it had fallen out or was pushed.

It did not move at all as I got close!

It let me get real close and I could see the mites and other insects.

I tried to put it back in the nest with its siblings, but it did not work out. I had expected them to just hunker down. They did not and instead jumped out the nest. OOPs! Well the one I put back stayed. The other two flew off. LOL. So I am sure they were fine. I expect the one I “rescued” was the runt and will leave very soon.

Keep looking!


  1. That happened to me one time when I was checking a bluebird nest. I opened the box to do a head count, and the fledglings jumped out! I couldn’t round them up so I guess they were ready to roll.

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