Anyone out there?

Fungi is everywhere. And some are growing really large. Jeanne had one that was ten inches across at her house. I have some eight inchers that look a bit like pancakes.

So many cool mushrooms out now. These were fairly large…about 6-7 inches.

It had the short gills.

This was a nice grouping and short gilled too. It looked like another fungus was attempting a takeover.

This was a strange shaped fungus. The stem was fluted. I think it might be the White Elfin Saddle (Helvella lactea) Or the other option was H. crispa. Love the common name!

Neither us had seen one quite like it before.

I had never seen such tall finger fungus before. Multiple of them were two to three inches tall. Maybe a different species than the fairy fingers that I usually find.

This bolete mushroom had a huge chunk carved out of the center.

Beautiful yellow! I think it is one of the Chanterelles (Cantharellus genus).

This is a type of false gills. The gills are more like raised veins rather then gills that are more like-blades.

It was semi-solid and didn’t have a color change/reaction to the bruising.

I loved how the caps incurved on the cow patty mushrooms.

Top view!

The smaller one had this drop of “juice”.

I think it looked like a quesadilla. LOL.

A lumpy top bolete mushroom!

Sorta key lime pie color. It is possibly a Corrugated Bolete, Horton’s Bolete (Xerocomus hortonii).

Close up. I think it is looking back at me.

Reminded me of a satellite. Searching for alien life? Maybe it found them!

Keep looking!


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