This is the last of the photos from the May 27th outing. We had stayed in the woods on the side of hill below the limestone barrens for the first half of the outing. There was a breeze that day, so it was pleasant even out in the sun on the barrens which was the last part of hike.

Cute small red cup fungus!

This fungus was cool looking! It made me think of ocean waves!

The backside was just as interesting. But looking came at a cost; we managed to step in the ants.

A pretty silvery moss on the rock!

After being down in the trees on the hillside, we moved out onto the prairie barrens. The Prairie Bluets (Stenaria nigricans) have four hairy petals and are quite abundant this year.

Prickly Pear cactus flower was pretty. But on another note, there are not near enough insects on the flowers. Sometimes, there are none. 🙁

Two-flower milkvine is a host plant of the Queen butterfly.

Sida (Sida abutifolia) has shiny petals!

With all the recent rains, there were multiple playas. This alga was in the water. It was not as thick as nostoc.

Keep looking!


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