The things you find…

You never know what you are going to run across out and about. And sometimes you must use your imagination to see “it” and other times “it” is obvious.

Jeanne picked up this stick and saw a person throwing up their hands in excitement!

Then she turned it around and saw that it was shouting. LOL!

I see the ghost!

Close up of the ghost’s face. The little black specks are fruiting lichen.

All gone!

It is an old whiskey bottle. I guess someone had a good time 😉

Sometimes it is just plain trash from a camper long ago.
Mating bees! I can’t recall witnessing that before so it was cool.

A blue Cuckoo Wasp (Chrysis). According to BugGuide, the cuckoo wasp lays it eggs in the nests of other bees and wasps. It was so pretty and cooperative.

Fairy finger fungus growing on a greenbriar root.

Keep looking!


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