A community

 As I stepped out the back door to take Gracie on her walk, I stopped to look at a thistle next to the sidewalk.

Thistle (Cirsium)! Mine are not blooming yet, but I have seen them blooming along the roadside.

There was at the end of a leaf  something brown which I figured was a dead leaf that had blown over on it. 

To my surprise, I could see it was not!
It looks to me that the prolegs are attaching to the leaf. The real legs and the head are still visible sorta.
Front view! Well, inside it comes to see what develops in my jar! Fingers crossed for its success! Maybe a Painted Lady??
A beautiful fly came in for a landing!

A Painted Lady’s frass!

A true bug stopped in.

More beetles!

A Seven-spotted Ladybug!

Even smaller insects! FYI, the insects were not all on the same thistle.
The thistles have quite the community!

Keep looking!


  1. Your Painted Lady frass reminds me I have a photo to send you of an American Lady, frass and webbing on Evax. It was really classic looking. When I do send it you can share with the others if you want.

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