Fire pink!

More from Beavers Bend State Park…
This Luna moth was really wet. Poor thing. 

Awesome moth! I put it over in the grass and it started to vibrate its wings. So maybe it was going to fly another day. 

This plant brought back memories of seeing it when I was a child. 

We called them May Apples (Podophyllum peltatum). Some call them Indian Apples. Do you see the single fruit? Fertile plants are branched. The flowers were all gone. 

A new plant for us! Fire Pink or another common name is Catchfly (Silene virginica). Apparently the name for Catchfly comes from the sticky stem which catches small insects. The stem didn’t feel sticky to us and there were no insects on it. 

It is known to attract hummers!

It is supposed to grow in clumps but this one was all by itself. This is on the edge of its range and less common. 

Keep looking!


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