Yeah for the rain! So far .68 inches and some pea sized hail at 6pm. We could do without the hail, eh.
Hagen’s Sphinx (Ceratomia hageni) has very good camouflage! 

A close up of its hairs! Looks like a bristle brush doesn’t it. Its host plant is the Bois D’arc. 

Remember the frozen spittlebug frothy spit? Not frozen here 😉

Here I exposed the little larva!
Closer view in the spit.

So colorful!


Really is a cute little thing!
Sachem on a Cottonwood leaf!
Well, it was cloudy all day except for a brief 10 minutes of sunshine! I thought it looked ripe for a rainbow, but alas I didn’t find the rainbow. No pot of gold today, but the rain was better than gold. 🙂


Keep looking!


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