I have seen a half dozen Bobwhite here for the last couple of days. I first saw them yesterday (at the obelisk) at the edge of our woods. They exploded up in flight before I got to see them well. Then this morning they were at the same place and Jim got to see them too! I saw then again on the afternoon walk but at the edge of the woods at the back field.  Fingers crossed they hang around. No photos 🙁

Look at the pollen!

A very handsome Black-chinned Hummingbird!
Now the next one…
It is the yellow throated hummer LOL.

It is the pollen that this girl got into. Looks like it should be a new species Ha ha!


Keep looking!


  1. I am SO glad someone has quail.
    That amount of pollen on the girl is amazing. Yes it does look like its own species.

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