Sittin’, sippin’, and watchin’ !


While sittin’, sippin’ tea, and watchin’ out my shop window this morning, I saw Lark Sparrows (FOS), White-crowned and Chipping sparrows, cardinals, mockingbirds, a Lincoln Sparrow, crows, a Turkey Vulture, and two flocks  of hundred plus each of Franklin’s gulls. The Black-chinned hummers were at the dining room window.   

This is what I saw out the shop window. Look dead center to see the Franklin’s Gull.

Same photo cropped. By the time I thought to take a picture, most had passed by already. I was just so in the moment 🙂

On the morning walk, I checked on the chickadee. I also decided not to open the door so I wouldn[t disturb her. This is through the hole.

She stayed put and I was happy to see her!

Our Tharp’s spiderwort has started to bloom. We have only one plant. And that is all we have ever had. It has been in the same place for the thirty years we have been here and always only the one plant. I’m not sure of the insect species.

Back on the grasslands from Tuesday’s adventure. Jeanne spotted this old vireo’s nest. We were above the creek.

Another old vireo’s nest! Vireos like to hang their nest between a couple of branches or twigs.
This is all that remained of a third vireo’s nest. We surprised to find three so close together. Probably no more than 100 feet from each other.


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 I will get back to more grasslands photos tomorrow.

Keep looking!


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