Oh boy I finally got the Cedar Apple Rust (Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae). It has been on my list to see and photograph and today was its day at the grasslands. 

“On juniper, galls appear about seven months after infection, and they
form gelatinous masses of spores after 18 months. Golf ball-like
depressions form on the gall that will give rise to telial horns the
following spring. The telial horns are brownish in color, but rapidly
elongate and become bright orange with spring rain, shrinking and
swelling with intermittent rainfall. After releasing their spores, the
horns collapse, dry, and eventually fall off. The galls die at this
point, but may remain attached to the juniper for a year or more. This
rust is very obvious on red cedar and other junipers during spring, when
the galls are covered with orange-brown gelatinous masses.”
The cedar rusts requires two hosts to be present.
An apple tree can be one of the hosts and is usually within a mile. One of the nearby neighbors must have a host plant.

There are several species of the rust. We found one kind that was gooey on the twigs of the cedar.

It was cool to the touch and as you can see stretchy. It was also hollow inside. Pretty cool!
Several of them looked like a starfish! Many of the cedars had the rust.

This is what got us off into the cedars in the first place. It is like something drags us off in the right direction to find good stuff…karma!
Beautiful day at the grasslands today. More of the grasslands tomorrow.
This coyote has been hanging around the house. I wonder if it might be working on a den nearby. Love the wildlife!
On the birdy notes, Kathy says she got her FOS Summer Tanagers and Jeanne has too. I had a blotchy American Goldfinch this morning and Chipping Sparrows seem to be in the yard too.

Fairy Circles

Keep looking! 


  1. Judy, me too. Actually the neighbor’s dog harassed the poor coyote the other day. We put a stop to that. Sent the dog home!

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