Dangelmayr Prairie

 Oh my gosh, the Dangelmayr Prairie is so beautiful! Thank you so much to Denise and her daughters for showing us your special prairie!

The Shooting Stars were amazing!
The land has been in the family since 1893!

These were really dark!

And then there were a couple of white Shooting Stars. You don’t see this color very often!

The Shooting Stars really like this field! Some of the plants were 27 inches high like these!

This is a view of part of the field.
Prairie Groundsel was scattered about as well.

These yellow Indian Paintbrushes were delightful!

Yellow Flax is just getting started.

This was a different type of Devil’s Toenail fossil. 
We visited three prairies today. This was the first one. I want to thank Denise again for showing us around. So special!  
I will continue on with the other two prairies tomorrow.
Here’s update from my house on the chickadee that had the dead bluebird in her nestbox.
Mom was not happy with me.
You can still see the bluebird remains.


Keep looking!


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