Hexapods and one spider!

Hexapoda proper noun – six-legged arthropods; a taxonomic group (subphylum or superclass) comprising the insects as well as three smaller groups of wingless arthropods: Collembola (Springtails), Protura, and Diplura (Two-pronged Bristletails). Hexapod noun – a member of the Hexapoda. (Source: BugGuide.net)

 Common Oblique Syrphid (Allograpta obliqua) on a thistle. This is a type of a hoverfly. We found this and the next insect on the morning walk here at the house.

Asian Lady Beetle (Harmonia axyridis) on a thistle. It has more spots than the Seven-spotted Ladybug I posted yesterday. This species can have lots spots to no spots.

 Long-jawed Orb Weaver (Tetragnathidae family), a favorite of mine! The rest of the stuff in this post is from the grasslands.
What was the green ball doing in the creek?

It was a gall from off the red oaks overhead!

Another one with red spots on it.
This one was floating in the creek too, but it was open on the bottom.

Time to investigate, of course. 

The hairy stuff was really awesome looking!

At the very center there was a hard ball that had the larva.

Cutworm on White Honeysuckle (Lonicera albiflora)!
More photos from the grasslands in the next couple of posts.

Keep looking!


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