Redroot or Jersey Tea (Ceanothus herbaceus) is almost ready to bloom in our back field. A favorite of the butterflies.

I found this beetle upside down.

I turned him right side up but…
It was determined to flip back. So I left it.

Seven-spotted Lady Beetle (Coccinella septempunctata). Six spots on the sides and one in the center near the front.

Talk about karma…then I spot the larva of Seven-spotted Lady Beetle. It is a native of Europe and east Asia. It was introduced to North America several times to control aphids. It is now established in North America. (source BugGuide)

I was surprised to see so many of Eastern Tent Caterpillars inside this afternoon.

They have grown up!  So pretty!!

A couple in back have succumbed to fungus or a parasite.
This one was acting strange also. Maybe it was parasitized too.

See the trail of web it is actively making.

Sometimes they “dance”!  It is really funny to see a bunch of them dancing at once. I have not caught a bunch on the dance floor together this season.

Keep looking!


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