One fish, two fish


Gracie likes to tease the humans. See the stick in the water about four feet in front of her. She likes to drop it in the water;  thinking we were going to wade in to get. I don’t think so. LOL.

She picks it up herself to carry on!
This was weird. I thought the grayish lumps were going be to fossils or rocks in the creek.

Turned out it was just mud…weird!

I noticed these ash tree’s catkins on a fallen tree. They really was quite pretty. Not sure you can tell from my photo, but looking through the loupe they had purple on them. Thanks Suzanne!

Beautiful healthy creek with the iron oxidizing bacteria (the orange stuff)!
Iron oxidizing bacteria sheen, also a good thing.

Patterns in the foamy water were cool!

Hanging on to some of the roots on the bank was this Organ Pipe Mud Dauber nest!  Looks like they used three different kinds of mud.
Hanging on…the dirt!

Two holes in the bank framed by the shadow. Looks like the face of a cat.

I’m always looking in rotten logs.

This day I found part of a beetle. Never know what will turn up in a decaying log!
Interesting track in the creek. No idea what made it.

When the tiny frogs sit still, it is very hard to spot them!

The last thing I photographed on the outing were the fish. I don’t have a definite ID on them yet. But I lean towards them being Chain pickerel (Esox niger). Some were probably 24 to 30 inches long. I think we counted six or so of whatever kind they are. 

Keep looking!


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