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It was pretty good day for birds yesterday. On the grasslands outing, I had my FOS of White-eyed Vireo. I didn’t see it, but certainly heard it. Also heard the Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Black and White Warblers! The best bird seen was the bobbing tailed waterthrush! Hard to tell whether it was Northern or Louisiana. They both bob their tails and I can’t tell from their calls or songs. And I will be honest, with the streaks I was thinking about it being the Black and White Warbler having just heard them. I have not seen a waterthrush in a long time and that is my excuse LOL.
Grapevine Epimenis moth. I also saw a Mournful Thyris moth too which is another tiny black and white moth. I did not get a photo of the Thyris that day. Both moths are fairly common around the flowering trees at this time of year.

Scat. We thought it might have eaten part of feral hog with the coarse hair.
This fossil was well worn.

Near to the fossil were these broken shards of glass and pottery.

Beautiful old paper wasp nest!
Eve’s Necklace (Styphnolobium affine) and bugs!

Green on the new growth of the Eve’s Necklace.

The bark on the Ash trees are cool! Thanks Suzanne and Jeanne for the tree help!

This old log looked to be a great shelter for some critter. I didn’t see any in there. 

The patterns on the wood are amazing!

Morel mushroom! They are up!

I accidently knock off the top before I had a chance to take its picture. So I improvised by using a twig to take the photo above. Ha Ha!

This why I went back to the same spot to see if I could find more of the Spring Coralroot orchid. The hogs had destroyed the clump that we had found last week. Grrrr right! 

But even though the hogs had been there, we still were able to locate 20+ more plants! Yahoo!

Keep looking!



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