Gracie said…

 What a beautiful day! Gracie said she needed a short hike on the grasslands so let’s go! Well, semi-short…only two hours. Gracie thought it was perfect. I liked it too 🙂

This scat was so black and then it looked like an insect decided to dig there.

You take a photo of something, then you see the bug.

 The insects are starting to come out more. Not sure what it is.
A longer Turkey-tail shelf fungus.

Blackjack bud.

Not sure what these were. They were at the base of a Blackjack.

Thallose liverwort blooming! The little green umbrellas are its fruiting bodies.
Closer view of another.

Moss fruiting! Sporophytes look like flags!
Cool tree!

I see these small black finger fungus quite regularly.

Greenbriar corms in the moss.

Insect tunneling in the sand.

This flattop puffball fungus was upside down in the ravine bed.

The foliose lichen was just gorgeous!

And even darker green foliose lichen.

I think this might be the American Elm root? Whatever it was, it was pretty orange. 

This plant was very interesting. Anyone have an idea what it is?


  1. Love the umbrellas! I must go out and look at my liverworts and see if they are doing their thing too. Well when I can walk again. New foot problem and I walked on it too soon after treatment and not doing well. sitting around doesn't "sit" well with me.
    I love the foliose lichens, look like leaf lettuce. I have one I picked up off the ground after our ice/snow that was so neat looking.
    The plant with the hairs isn't something I know. I know of plants with those webbing hairs but don't have a rosette like this. I'm really curious. The Texas Groundsel is one that has a lot of this time of hairs. I'm not familiar with what it looks like right now. but it is a guess.

  2. Kathy, So sorry to hear about your foot. But take it easy so you don't miss the whole spring!
    Thanks for putting in your thoughts on the plant. I will just have to try to get back to it another day when it is blooming. At least it was on a unit close to the house.

    Take care of that foot!!!

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