Last of Tuesday’s photos

There is a bird’s nest up in the tree. The trees are also at the head of a seep on the hillside.

I’m not sure, but maybe a vireo’s nest.

Can you see the calf? It was brand new and Gracie found it. Mama watched us very carefully. She did not charge us, but closely watched us walking away from her baby.  After we had almost made it back to our vehicles, baby had its dinner. The Forest Service leases to local ranchers for grazing cattle on the grasslands as tool to help manage the ecosystem.

Love this rock!

Prickly Pear cactus!

Gracie at the grotto! Thanks Suzanne for getting the photo.

The sun was making a pattern in the water.

This is the pool of the grotto. There was a lot of tiny insects flying above the water. Some would dip in and make the water rings.

This is a view of the grotto dripping down. I love this grotto. 

Mushroom? No, a golf ball probably from the neighboring property.
This concludes the March 2 outing on the grasslands. We found a lot of the Trout Lilies. We scouted a little further than I normally have looked for them and we found that there even more than I had known about previously.

I took the longer way home and found that a neighbor has some of these Belted Galloway cows. I call them Oreo cows LOL. 


Keep looking!



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