Down in the creek

Continuing on with yesterday’s trip to the grasslands down in the creek.
This Eastern Red Cedar’s trunk was really red where it was peeling.

A nice Purple Cliff-brake fern.

This horsetail reminded me of the Empire State building.

Not as old horsetail top.

This horsetail was pretty fresh. There was places that had quite a bit horsetail along the creek bed.

A close up a Prickly Pear cactus.

Big ole root along the bank.

It was a pretty creek.

Evidence of a beaver from a long time ago.

So many parts of the creek’s bank were covered in mosses.

Here are two or more different species of mosses, Common Woodsia (Woodsia obtusa), and a Cladonia lichen.
Turban cap lichen and moss.

This Turban cap lichen (Cladonia peziziformis) was a big one. Normally about 5 mm tall or less, but this one was 11mm (1/2″). The pale turbans are where the spores are. The stems are called podetia . The tinier leafy-like things on the podetia and on top of the moss are called squamules. This was an unusual specimen because it had so many squamules going up the podetia than what I normally see. 
A close up (10X) of the podetium (podetia plural).  All of the Cladonia species have hollow podetia.

Cool tiny fungus on the underside of a branch. So frilly and delicate looking. I believe it might be  Common Split Gill (Schizophyllum commune).

The biggest cap here is about 25 mm (1″) across. Love how the gills are turned up on the edge of the cap of these mushrooms.

Here is a top view of another that had a bit of pink. 


Turn on the sound to hear the water running.
Tomorrow’s post I will conclude this grasslands adventure. 

Keep looking!


  1. Love the education you give us.
    Now all these mosses, ferns, lichens and liverworts are the reason why I thought you would give a good program to the TF group. Not much green out there and it would show them things that are green and alive at this time of year. It can be merely a show and tell and not be technical.

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