Slip and slide

 Slip and slide is what I did when I tried to go up an embankment at the grasslands to look at moss today. Lucky for you I do not have a photograph or maybe it is lucky for me LOL. We had a nice rain last night. Here at the house we got 1/4″ but I think on the grasslands it could have been an inch worth. It was muddy today. My shoes needed cleaning when I got home.

On the left is the grasslands. On the right is the typical grazing regiment for private ranch in these parts. Not healthy.

The creek crossing was pretty muddy.

It would have been interesting to go up this ravine, but the greenbriar was too thick.

Interesting branch/root.

The creek bank’s was so pretty.

Mosses were neon green today with last night’s rain.
On the bird list today there was an accipiter, Black Vultures, Savannah Sparrows, a LeConte’s Sparrow, mockingbird, Golden-crowned Kinglet (heard only) and a Great Blue Heron. Tomorrow there will be more sights from today’s grasslands visit.

Keep looking!


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