3 course meal & pie

 So today (Jan 23th) was National Pie Day. This is the eating kind of pie,  not the number π that is a mathematical constant.

So I made a chocolate cream pie because I was thinking about the droplets that form on fungus. Remember in the post Feathers from a couple days ago that had the fungus with digested enzymes.

It turns out that these droplets are formed by moisture that is squeezed out of the meringue which is made of egg whites.

Close up. Pretty cool in both the pie and the fungus. But the pie tastes yummy 😉
Meadowlark meal for a critter today.

These are two feathers I found in the path late yesterday.

Look hard in this photo to see the feathers.

As I started to look more in the weeds/grasses, I saw that a second species had been eaten.

And looking even further, a third species was found! So someone had a three course meal over the course of day or so. I believe the dark feathers are a roadrunnner (maybe), the brown barred one was a meadowlark, and the white tipped feathers were a mourning dove. The predator ate some of it meal on top of a railroad type post which showed some feathers on top of it, but I forgot to take a picture of that. Of course I don’t really know if it was one or three different predators that ate their meal at the spot. 
Hope you got a piece of a pie today!
Keep looking!


  1. Glad i forgot it was pie day but wish id been at your house. Yum. Ive noticed those pretty droplets on meringue before.

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