Orange tack

 Here are the rest of the photos from yesterday’s grasslands adventure.

Not sure why this orange tack was there but sure was bright. Maybe a surveyor or a researcher or maybe someone just had time on their hands??

The tentacles look like a snake skeleton. 

Blackland Thistle (Cirsium engelmannii).

Burl on Bur Oak.

Crust fungus.

This small mushroom was such a pretty brown.

The hyphae (the white stringy stuff) at its base was most interesting. Update: Claire made a comment that it might not be hyphae but “an insect or spider
case. Reminds me of homes of jumping spiders that I’ve found.”
And the gills were set off so pretty with the brown edges of the cap. 

Also of note was the stem was hollow.

I thought the plant was pretty, but Gracie had her eye on the stick.

Inland Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium).

Thallose liverwort was colorful.

The wooden version of Gumby!

I thought this one look like the Grinch with a goatee.

Old mushrooms.

Here we climb out. Must be cool to see the water rushing down here in a rain.
Before we called it a day, we swung by Rucker’s Pond. Great Blue Heron, a Ring-necked Duck, a Yellowlegs and a Belted Kingfisher were present. 
How about that wind today! Our big gust was 39 mph. 

Wind started to die down a bit late afternoon.

Gracie was my anemometer.

That is the wind blowin’ her tail!

Keep looking!


  1. Gracie!! 💙
    I wonder if the white at base of mushroom might be an insect or spider case. Reminds me of homes of jumping spiders that I've found.

  2. Claire, You know I guess it could have been. I guess I just jumped to it being hyphae. Will never know for sure since I did not collect it. I will definitely look closer next time. Thanks! I will update the blog with your insight.

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