30 mph

 30 mph was our high wind gust this afternoon. That did not stop me from heading over to the grasslands. We were mostly in low areas so the wind was not bad. The bird highlight was when a we saw a Red-tailed Hawk come screaming overhead chasing a Cooper’s Hawk. Cooper’s quickly left the area.

I like to see the contrails like this. Kinda of interesting I think.

This was strange the way the bark had this “impression” going up it. My theory is maybe there use to be a vine there.

Close view of the line of bark. Even had a bit of lichen on it.

On this vine, the lichen had started to grow on it. Not sure if this vine is poison ivy or Virginia Creeper.

This unit gets prescribed burns on it fairly regularly.
The pattern on the bark was interesting. My guess was an elm. I don’t know my trees very well so maybe someone out there can let me know what it is?? Update: I will go with Suzanne’s input that this is an ash tree. Thanks Suzanne!

This weird growth was on a Hackberry.

Old mushrooms.

The moss was growing in the knot hole on a fallen log.

White Avens (Geum canadense) had pretty leaves.

Shelf fungus grew around the vine on the right.

The ever lovely shelf fungi doing their job.
I have a few more photos from today’s grassland adventure that I will share tomorrow.

Keep looking!


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