Another gully on Unit 55 Part I

 Spent another afternoon on the grasslands. Such a beautiful day out. In fact I found enough interesting stuff to save some for tomorrow’s post 🙂

For most of the afternoon, I was down in the dry creek bed. I love seeing the different layers of the soil.

Mushrooms always have been amazing to me, pushing up through the soil above them.

This was a fairly large mushroom. It was as big my hand. And it was up high on the embankment so I had to grab onto small trees and plants to get up there. I slid back down on bed of leaves. Wheee!
This thallose liverwort is fairly common and easy to spot.

Never get tire of these shelf fungi.

Hard to see, but there is what appears like mouse droppings but is really a fungus. It is a type of fungus fruiting body called a lirella.
Orange gilled mushroom.

This was cool shaped rock. Sorta looks a dinosaur head with two horns.

Petrified wood.
This petrified wood was interesting because it was smooth. Not sure I had ever noticed any smooth ones at the grasslands before.

This is a cool lichen that you can find in the open prairie. It is called Yellow Scale (Psora icterica).

Lots of raccoon tracks today. Soil was still fairly damp.

All for today. I will post the rest of the finds tomorrow.
Keep looking!


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