Unit 55 and the CHRISTMAS KISS!

Yesterday afternoon, Gracie and I went over to Unit 55/Rucker’s Pond. It was a so pretty out. Here is some of what we saw.
Woodsia fern (Woodsia obtusa)

The fruticose lichen that is shrubby-like is Ramalina celastri. The other lichens are foliose lichens.

There was this cool Post Oak limb that made for the perfect bench.

Mosses shone in the sunshine!

Coyote tracks.

Petrified wood.
Beautiful gilled mushroom.
This is Ebony Spleenwort (Asplenium platyneuron). It is unusual because I found them in the understory of the woods on level ground. Usually I only see this species at the edge or on an embankment. The green stem was a Greenbriar.

Another shot with fibrous roots.
Front side of leaves. Notice that the part of the leaflet covers the rachis or mid-rib.
Here is the back side showing the sori (brown stuff on back of leaf) which is the structures protecting the development of the spores. In this photo you can see the rachis better. It is reddish-brown to brownish-black which is characteristic of the spleenwort.

Closer look.
This structure is the sporangium. It is the place where the spores are stored till ready to be released.

At 400X, a look at the spores. The spine looking thing is called the anulus and the spores are the roundish shaped things.


On this one you can see 3 of the 4 moons of Jupiter on the left.

Hard to see the moons here, but I got the rings of Saturn!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I got them! And it the first time I have ever seen the rings or moons! Exciting stuff!
Keep looking!


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