Yum, wondering, and the call of the fall

All the leaves are gone on my Common Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana).

I have been waiting for them to get ripe. Unfortunately, most of fruit is out of my reach ;-( 

But finally the fruit is ready to eat! It is so deliciously sweet. However I will warn you that before they are ripe, the fruit makes your mouth totally dry out. This is caused by the tannins that it has in it. And yes Gracie likes to eat them too as well as other critters. You can see evident of that in various scat found hither and yond.

Do you know what leaf this is?

Here’s the seed head.

Here’s the whole leaf. This is the White Compass Plant  or White Rosinweed (Silphium albiflorum). It is endemic to Texas. Feel fortunate if you have one. I do!

Buckeyes can be seen all winter in our area on warm days.

I thought the red thorns on the Greenbriar (Smilax bona-nox) were pretty. But while I was taking a closer look at the thorns I notice a tiny spider which I watched. I did not take a photo of the tiny spider but it got me wondering why doesn’t the spider get stuck to its own web. Apparently this was only answered in recent years (2015). Watch this video to see why.
While sitting outside reading a book this afternoon in the distance to the northwest, I heard the faint call. Undeniably a favorite sound of the fall for me…the Sandhill cranes. There were about 70+ in the flock and they flew almost overhead. Only one flock flew over.  Also saw my first of the season American Goldfinch this morning. I had heard them about a couple a weeks ago but just not laid my eyes on one in person till this morning.

Keep on wondering!



  1. Claire,
    Just the S. albiflorum is endemic, the other yellow ones are not. Oh and congrats on your little bluestem sprouting!

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