Emerging mushroom

It was a super fun day at the LBJ National Grasslands today. It was 3.5 miles and almost 6 hours of exploring. I’m pooped.  This will probably take me a couple of days to show you all the stuff that was found. It will probably take several posts. 

So I will start with just a short one tonight that I started on yesterday, the mushroom.

8:25am breaking thru the soil. Amazing to see it push its way up. 

1:40pm cleared the top crust.
6:13pm readying to deploy. About 10 hours to get to this point.
7:20am the next day complete! I did not stay up all night to see when this happen LOL. 

Top view

7:21am beautiful white gills!

3:24pm in the prime of its life. 

Just to give you a taste of what was found today on the grasslands.

Found this inside a crack in rotten wood. Looks like it may be egg casings. More on this later as I investigate further.

So stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on what was seen today at the grasslands 🙂

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