The mosquitoes are back with a vengeance! At least this girl won’t be getting my blood.
This handsome fella, Salt Marsh Moth (Estigmene acrea), showed up at my backdoor last night.. He had just emerged. You can tell because in the top photo you can see his wing has not fully pumped up. Females have white underwings. 
This how the Salt Marsh Moth normally hold their wings. Same critter as above.
I think this is an immature so I will have to wait to see if I can ID. It was most interesting shape on the lower part of the cap

Closeup of the one above.
The veil is starting to come down to reveal the gills. This is the same one from yesterday. 
Thiers’ Lepidella (Amanita thiersii)
Thiers’ Lepidella (Amanita thiersii) that opened up today.
Shelf fungus – Polypores

Peeling Puffballs (Lycoperdon marginatum) almost completely peeled. Same puffball as in yesterday post.

This is some sort of bolete-type mushroom that is digesting itself. At least I think that is what is happening; similar to what slime mold does.  Pretty cool, eh.. UPDATE: It is not digesting itself but just digesting. Here is a link to slime mold SORRY ABOUT THAT. (I guess I read it wrong a long time ago.  So MAYBE this is what is happening to the mushroom too. Just breaking down. I could not find anything further on the internet at this time but it makes sense. Anyways this is just my theory. Maybe someone else that really knows can tell me. Nature is so cool!

This is a younger one of kind as above.

Spinneret on garden spider (Arigioge auantia)

Cope’s/Gray Treefrog ( Hyla chrysoscelis/Hyla versicolor)

Keep on hopping!

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