Up or Down or Neither

A tough decision had to be made. We had reached a creek. The water was flowing but not deep.

Jeanne checked it out. The creek had a firm sandy bed so it would be no problem walking it.
Going with the flow we heading down the creek!

Earlier we had tried to reach the creek but the Forest Service had cut down a bunch of the cedars. It would have been a chore to get through. Neither of us wanted to do that. And so far only a few cedars had been dropped down to the creek bed.
Of course we were not the only ones that had visited. πŸ™‚

Here was a mystery in the sand. It looked like a tail but we weren’t seeing any tracks on either side. Maybe we will find the foot tracks later.

White mushrooms!

A crawdad claw was on the edge!
In multiple places the American Beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) grew. And the berries are forming!
However many of the American Beautyberries still have flowers. A Pintail Beetle (Mordellidae)!
The incised creek looked to be about 30 feet below the prairie. Then we ran into a wall of cedars. The trees had been dropped in the creek. This is done on purpose for the restoration of the creek. Thus blocked we had to turn back for now.

And you now know the first decision…down the creek. Certainly y’all guessed that “neither” was never a real consideration. LOL.

Giant, ancient crabs live beneath Rome, and conservationists have their backs: ‘They deserve to be saved’ Thanks Suzanne!

Tractor Supply cuts DEI, climate goals after conservative outcry 

Violinist Playing In Park Accidentally Attracts The Most Unlikely Audience

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. Conservatives need to stop being so pushy. Makes me sad. Love the turtles and music. Shows how universal music is.

  2. You’re welcome, Mary! To discover that freshwater crabs still live in the Roman sewer ruins blows my mind.

    1. I hope they can save them. It’s interesting how we (humans) only think of ourselves and not the rights to live of all species. We are all cogs in the circle of life. Wonderful and amazing that they have lived there for so long. Thank you again. 😊

  3. I wonder if the β€œtail” track could be a worm or leach? Cool crabs! And agree with Jeanne I want it to be safer for everyone. Seeing progress erased is sad.

    1. We did see later some tracks that straddled the line but the tracks were not clear. I thought maybe an armadillo or opossum. The line went a long ways so thinking not a bug or leach ( tho I never considered that).

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