As I walked along the path a small brown lumpy thing caught my eye on a blade of grass.

I was surprised when I looked closer, it was a larva!
Furthermore they clung to the grass with five pairs of prolegs. An Owlet Moth (Noctuidae)!

So tiny at only 12mm!

This definitely needed investigating!

There was no doubt that it was The Wedgeling (Galgula partita)! The mystery was…why was it on a grass blade? The host plant is supposed to be Oxalis species. It seemed much too small to have wondered off to pupate.

Well, not wanting to raise them, I set it free. They immediately started to chow down on the Oxalis I set them on. And I wished them good luck!

The moral of the story check those lumps. You never know what wonderful creatures you will find!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. The pipevine cats down here were very hard to track to their food. Our Aristolochia erecta looks like a blade of grass in ways. But they will leave their host plant to take a rest on upright stalks of other plants. So we would find the cat but the plant wouldn’t make sense. Maybe yours was also “resting” between meals?

  2. That story makes me nervous about walking on the grass! I’ve probably crunched many things unintentionally with my big flat feet.

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