Can You Hear Me?

The katydids are fascinating creatures. Especially because I found out how they listen.

The wings made an easy place to hold them without hurting it.

This guy belongs in the Tettigoniidae family. Its wings extend beyond the abdomen. And that was as far as I got for ID’ing, for now.

The male end!
The front end!

A close of its tarsus (foot)! Katydids apparently have four parts to the tarsus. Grasshoppers have three.

Do you see the “ear”? It is called a tympanum. And it is not on the head but on the front tibia on katydids and crickets. Grasshoppers’ “ears” are located on the first segment of abdomen.

Nature has devised many ways for communication from “ears” on the legs to hairs to many more unique methods. So cool!

Free admission Day for Juneteenth, June 19th at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


    1. And actually this my first attempt to catch a katydid I was afraid to grab them by a legs because many time a leg will come off as when I have caught a grasshopper. . . I wanted the pic of the tympanum.

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