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Endemic species are those that have a limited range or area which they will thrive. Texas has multiple species that are endemic. And the LBJ NG is home to several of those endemic species.

Continuing on with Tuesday’s treasures!

A Three-banded Grasshopper (Hadrotettix trifasciatus) blended in on the limestone rock embedded with fossils. The blue inner part of femur was blue!

Another spur-throated grasshopper but this one was such a standout!
An Arkansas Yucca was using a another plant for its flowers. 😉 Most of the yuccas around our house had their blossoms blown off in a spring storm. This one however didn’t even produce a stalk.
A Texas endemic, the White Compass Plant (Silphium albiflorum). These were the flowers behind the yucca.
Crossing a ravine the seep was running. And in the seep were the rushes.
Fallen but yet still so beautiful!
The top was equally enchanting!
It was the Ruellia! The holes in the petal are looking at you. 😉
As we walked in the grass we could smell the peppermint fragrant of Rough Hedeoma (Hedeoma drummondii).
Then there was this sticking its head up, the Hall’s Dalea (Dalea hallii). Normally it is decumbent on the ground. However in this instance the grasses gave it a leg up. 🙂 This species is another regional endemic to North-central Texas. Additionally it a species of concern.

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Spring is getting earlier. Find out how it’s changed in you town.

Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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