Flash or No

I am at home now but going backwards in my photo files to show some more treasures from last week’s Caddo NG surveying.

Here was a new location for dog vomit slime mold. It was on the trunk about 2 meters up! Usually I find it on or near the ground.

A hickory nut shell landed on top of broken tree. However maybe an animal put it there?

From a low view point, a white shaggy stemmed mushroom!

Incredibly pretty Russula mushroom!
Hidden door? I highly suspected so. 😉

So you will know you are in a sandy loam when see the Broad-leaf Snoutbean (Rhynchosia latifolia)! Not many were blooming yet.

A see-through mushroom! The blue-green color was not only in the middle but was also in the tissue where it had broken off.

Another new plant for me, the Carolina Nightshade (Solanum carolinense)!

With flash the gills pop!

No flash was subtle and not as dramatic! This however was closer to the actual color seen. I liked it both ways.

More tomorrow from Caddo NG!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


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