Gone Batty

Ok, hold on. In fact some of you may think I have already gone batty. 😉 However last night Jeanne and I was out batting at the Caddo NG. Yes, we are back in Fannin County.

So we arrived at Coffee Mill Lake at about 6 o’clock. And the sunset was awesome. There was a bit of breeze which we were very thankful for…no mosquitoes!
Here was the setup with two bat recorders for sound, the red things attached to the phone and tablet. The other was a thermal movie recorder. Binoculars for any birds that might pop in.

It wasn’t long before we had our first hit for a bat!
Not wanting to just watch and wait for a bat recording, we looked at the bugs on the front of the car. And this fly had a blood meal. Yeah, you can tell which insects eat blood by the splatter. 🙂
A hover fly. Yep, pretty batty you might certainly be saying by now. LOL.
An Orchard Oriole serenaded us.
So we were both trying for moon shots. When Jeanne got this of some bats flying by. It just happened! No kidding!

Using the SkyView app, we looked for the planets.
We tried to get some photos of the moon. The moon was waxing gibbous 91 percent. Definitely bright!
So there was a ring around the moon, but neither of us were able to really capture it with our phones.
Indeed the moon’s reflection in the water shimmered!
The moon light was bright enough to see our shadows!

Sneaky Jeanne took this of me using the SkyView app.
Back at Bonham SP, we had to use the combo lock to get back in. Thank goodness it worked. We were tired. 🙂

Altogether, a great batty night! Tomorrow photos from Caddo NG!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. You don’t have to tell us. We all know you’re a little batty. Didnt know that about Jeanne tho😉. Too much fun and isn’t that sky app great?

      1. I think Steve used that app with his students when he taught astronomy at Weatherford College.

  2. Thanks for the chuckles!
    I may have to look into the bat ID sound thing. We enjoyed watching the bats a couple nights ago from our future back porch.
    And today I had a new bird species! A Magnolia Warbler!!!

    1. You might have too. It is fun to see what you actually have. A lot more species than I ever knew for sure. And a wonderful bird for your home list!!!

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