May 9th

May 9th was the last field day. Then we will go back a few days next week. And that will conclude the survey season at the Caddo NG.

As we headed out for the morning, a family was on the Bonham Lake. Only one youngster for parents to tend. They definitely seemed to be sticking close to each other, eh.
In this unit we were heading towards a creek, but had to go thru the woods first.
Another fungus eater, a Common Fungus Moth (Metalectra discalis) cat. The black blob was some sort of fungus that it fed on.
I had stopped to look at a plant. Then Jeanne saw another Three-toed Box Turtle! That was exciting. That plant could wait. Never turn your back on a turtle. They are pretty sneaky and fast!. 😉 FYI, the plant was the Hairy Hawkweed (Hieracium gronovii). And it had not move an inch. LOL.

Did you notice the white stuff and the mushroom in front of her in the above photo? Apparently we had interrupted her mushroom meal! And another fungus feeder!

The oak leaf was folded and fastened with silk. And this little skipper (Hesperiidae) caterpillar was tucked inside.
A huge old dead limb had fallen off! It was loaded with the Resurrection Ferns (Pleopeltis polypodioides). Convenient for us!

Jeanne had stopped to look at this. Then when I got home I found it might be a species of basidionlichen. Certainly this may be very exciting for me if it turns out to be a Multiclavula mucida! Fingers crossed!

Next I spotted some real cuties a foot from the above species. And what a name… Jelly Babies (Leotia lubrica). Unlike a normal mushroom it has no gills. In fact the tall one was less than 1/4 inch high!
Indeed it looked like green bubbles on the moss patch!

So we never quite made it to the creek destination I had planned. However we did reach a small ditch that had some running water. And here I found the male Ebony Jewelwing.

Almost back to the car, these beauties were lined up on a fallen log.
Yep we finished with a Blizzard. Yep ’twas good, both the week and Blizzard treat!

Indeed always new things to see and learn. And perhaps next week we can make it to the creek.

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. That last mushroom is exceptionally special i think. And did you take the skipper cat home after you wrecked its home?

  2. It’s exciting that Caddo is home to so many box turtles!

    Jelly Babies = perfect name. They remind me of Weebles… (🎵 “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down…” 🎵)

    Great field season!

  3. It was definitely a great fungus and lichen and moss day.
    We will all be hoping you can verify the basidion lichen!
    and that last mushroom is really cool – the tracery is elegant.

  4. The basidion lichens look like they are trying to cross their fingers for you too.
    Jelly babies are SO cute. And that last mushroom is a gorgeous shot. Another worth framing or putting on a calendar.

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