Just Looking

This is the second field survey week at the Caddo NG this spring. Two more are planned in May. My goal is find additional patches of the rare orchid, Oklahoma Grasspink (Calopogon oklahomensis).

This is what the beautiful orchid looks like. It is classified as a N3 (vulnerable) by NatureServe. So the hope is to locate more of this vulnerable species.

In the meantime, we will find other interesting treasures like this Self-heal (Prunella vulgaris) that was not blooming yet.
With the recent rain, the Sensitive Briar (Mimosa quadrivalvis var platycarpa) reminded me of a wet dog. 😉
With a calm wind the reflection was stunning!

Mosses were on our radar too!

The beautiful Penstemon laxiflorus was along our path.

My tentative Id is the Tree Stipplescale (Placidium arboreum). This species looks rather dead when not wet. The green is the algae that is under the first layer of thallus (outer skin of a lichen). Additionally this is only one in that genus that known to be on a tree for its substrate.
Another beautiful moss!

While looking at the moss, a Cixiid Planthopper scurried by!

Another moss and another critter!

Indeed while just looking we find the most interesting treasures nature has to offer!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. When will we learn that we are not the only critters with consciousness. Provably every living thing. Beautiful orchid. Find lots.

  2. Wow that pond reflection shot IS stunning.
    And love close ups like that moss with the almost translucent leaves, if that is what you call them.

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