Tomorrow is the 2024 Eclipse!

And the weather forecast is really looking good here at Lake Lavon. Rain is forecasted after 4pm. Yahoo!!

There are a whole ton of these critters flying here. So they belong to the non-biting midges family, Chironomidae. Additionally some of their monikers (Wikipedia) includes chizzywinks, blind mosquitoes, muckleheads, muffleheads, lake flies or simply midges. It all depends on where you live. BugGuide says there are over 1050 species in our area. The group is an important part of the aquatic ecosystems.
The males sport the feathery antenna!

Females certainly have a more modest antenna!

I love the crazy look of the wild onion (Allium) tops! However look closer, what can you find?

It was so cute! It was a Green Treefrog (Hyla cinerea).

Additionally I even got to show Jim and Claire a couple of hours later. It had stayed put.

Indeed it was adorable!

Sunset was glowing orange!
As the sun set behind the cloud the sky did a half orange and blue sky. Pretty cool, eh!

You never know what you will find at a campground!

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Keep looking!

The more you know, the more you see and the more you see, the more you know


  1. We just hope it’s clear enough to actually see the eclipse itself! Enjoy the day!

    And yes it’s a really cool frog – assume you are getting shredded every night.

    1. Forecasters say storms will start at four. Hopefully it holds off until at least then. But we will have fun regardless. 😊

  2. Where along Lake Lavon is this campground? We used to use the areas just north of the T of the highway bridge for dog trials and the horse trails on the middle area, I think were on the west side?
    I saw the Green Treefrogs at Legacy in Collin County on my horse rides. Loved them!

    1. This campground is south of Princeton on a middle peninsula of the lake. (33.0554814, -96.4884530) I don’t think we will make it the west side trails on this trip.

  3. Where I grew up in WI, the lake flies would fly in thick clouds every summer. If you were driving, your windshield and the front of your car would be covered in bug guts. They’d be everywhere in huge swarms.

  4. We were mostly cloudy but the clouds opened just a little once in awhile. Got great video of the dancing glow around the moon and orange spots were really neat. Totality was a little more than 4 minutes but felt like seconds. We are even more overcast afterwards so we just barely got some visuals.

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